By confidently learning how to trust, honor and work with your body to return to your natural and healthy state of being.

If you are a person who is frustrated and tired of the shame and despair that comes with emotional eating, know there is a real solution. You probably already know there's no magic pill, no sacred dance, nothing I could tell you that is going to end your struggle with emotional eating...


but I do know what will. 


I've been there too... turning to food when you're angry, sad, bored, lonely, worried, upset, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.

Eating very little in front of people but indulging when you're by yourself or hiding food and eating in secret.

Making promises to avoid certain foods or “being good” with food only to break those promises again and again. 

This is a journey, not a race. Any program that tells you that you can overcome emotional eating in three simple steps or in some insignificant amount of time, doesn’t really understand emotional eating. Maybe you have tried one of those programs already. This is most definitely not one of those programs.

The keys to ending your struggle are knowledge, integration, support, accountability... and love.


-Lori Montry, Creator of FREEDOM & Certified Nuuaria Method® Trainer


"At half way through the Freedom Program, I am 20 pounds lighter! Not only that, but I also feel more resilient, positive, and empowered to try things like meal planning. I’m learning to be more gentle with myself, along with curious, patient, and kind. I’m trying out affirmations, and thought interruption and – replacement. I feel better equipped than every to make positive changes in my life and I’m grateful to be in this program."

Freedom Program Client

Here's what real freedom from emotional eating looks like

You can understand what and why you do what you do with food.
You have emotional resilience and the tools and strategies for feeling and processing your emotions and life circumstances in a way that does not involve food.
You are comfortable around food. You eat for enjoyment, fuel and health.
You feel comfortable with your body.
You recognize your gifts and share them freely with the world in a way that brings you, and those around you, tremendous joy.
You are FREE.
Believe it or not, there is a very good reason why you do what you do with food and Nuuaria has developed a program that is tailored to helping you understand what these reasons are so that you can develop the tools and strategies to end your emotional overeating and find freedom with food. 
You will receive real tools and a multi-layered approach to a truly multi-layered problem.
The program is specially designed with more frequent, in-depth support, specific assignments and practices intended to help those experiencing challenges with emotional eating understand why they do what they do and heal from the shame, stress and frustration of emotional eating.

The tools you need to succeed.


A highly specialized and individualized curriculum just for those being challenged by emotional eating. (See below for your weekly breakdown.)


24 Weekly one-on-one calls with a mentor who deals specifically with emotional eating. Your mentor will help you see blind spots and will love and support you on your healing journey.

Made For YOU.

A weekly individualized action plan with individualized nutrition guidance aimed at helping you satisfy cravings and optimize your health.


Access to the Nuuaria Weight Loss curriculum which includes three full courses, allowing you to dive deep into the world of habit and behavior change.

Elevated Support.

Weekly e-mails to help you stay on track and remind you of helpful mindset shifts.


Access to an exclusive online group for others that have signed up to face their challenges and support one another. This group includes a dedicated mentor that will offer support on a regular basis.

Let’s take a tour through the program.

FREEDOM is broken down into twenty-four weeks.
During each week you will listen to an education session in your online curriculum, engage in a phone call with your mentor, establish a personalized loving practice and food goal and leave with a structured assignment to be completed before your next mentor session.

“If you are ready, give me your hand, I know the way out and I’m dying to show it to you.”


Let's get started

What's FREEDOM worth to you?

(The answer is less than your investment below ;-) ).

*due to covid19, we have lowered the investment cost for a very short time





  • The Full Nuuaria Curriculum of Courses: How to Change a Habit, How to Think and How to Feel
  • The FREEDOM Online Emotional Eating Curriculum Including Weekly Audio Lessons and Worksheets
  • Calls Every Week with Your Nuuaria Mentor for 24 Weeks For Education, Support and Personalized Forward Direction
  • Individualized Weekly food Goals
  • Individualized Weekly Assignments
  • Weekly Support Emails Deivered Straight to Your Inbox
  • Unparalleled Support Groups





  • The Full Nuuaria Curriculum of Courses: How to Change a Habit, How to Think and How to Feel
  • The FREEDOM Online Emotional Eating Curriculum Including Weekly Audio Lessons and Worksheets
  • Calls Every Week with Your Nuuaria Mentor for 24 Weeks For Education, Support and Personalized Forward Direction
  • Individualized Weekly food Goals
  • Individualized Weekly Assignments
  • Weekly Support Emails Deivered Straight to Your Inbox
  • Unparalleled Support Groups

We will do our part in helping you integrate this knowledge into your life by sharing carefully crafted exercises and practices that allow you to transform. These exercises literally change your brain. They open you up to the places in you that need love and attention and allow you to create new habits that support the person you want to be much better than food is doing right now. Your mentor will work on assignments with you to maximize your experience with them. 

We do our part through our weekly one-on-one calls together, weekly e-mails, access to your mentor/coach through email, an online private group for sharing that has a dedicated mentor to offer extra support and guidance.



You will do your part by showing up, spending the time and energy to do the exercises and participating in your program and your own transformation. Without you, there is no transformation. You do your part by taking the exercises seriously and leaning in even when you don’t want to. Without this commitment you will have learned a lot but you will not achieve the freedom you are after.

You do you part by receiving, reaching out when you need something and staying engaged.


What If you're still not sure

A little bit of apprehension is ok but if you are seriously questioning whether you will be willing to put in time and effort then you aren’t likely to get a lot out of the program. It only works if you do.

The time commitment can be as small as 2 hours a week and a willingness to be aware, but it does require you to show up for yourself every day and be willing to get a little uncomfortable from time to time.

I promise the effort is worth the prize but if you feel like you aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, it’s ok. I’ll be here when you are ready. I’m holding your spot. I know when you are ready, you will show up and that you will be successful!

The program is about healing your relationship with food and while weight loss comes from that, it’s important to remember that your patterns will dissipate over time and that this is perfectly natural and expected.


REFUNDS & Cancellations

As Nuuaria has outlined above, those who are serious in their change and transformation work will not require refunds. If you are not ready, do not enroll now and come back when you're ready. For this and the above reasons, there are no program refunds or cancellations. 

Nuuaria is a wellness company that helps people change by teaching them  - not how to do differently rather - how to think differently. 

The Nuuaria Method® an evidenced-based habit and behavior change-work education in the areas of weight loss, diabetes, stress reduction and mroe, who’s programs are now active in many companies such as Buckeye and Osborne School Districts, PING golf and CVS Health.


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